Outstanding Features

What makes Nx chart different from other charting techniques?

No dependency on time

A charting technique that represents price movements without considering time.

Noise reduction

Focus is solely on changes in price, filtering out minor price fluctuations and noise.

Price study

It is based on a simple premise: prices move in trends and reversals.

See what you want to see

Highlights trends and reversals more clearly, making it easier to spot buying and selling opportunities.

Ride the trend

Filters out minor price fluctuations, providing a clearer picture of the overall market trend.

See beyond plain sight

Helps identify significant support and resistance levels and chart patterns.


Awesome Advantages

How can Nx chart help me?

More readable
It is more readable to the human eye. It eliminates subjectivity and emotional bias, focusing solely on price action.
See the market better
It can automatically magnify the active and shrink the non-active areas. Helps identifying and trading with the prevailing trend.
Advantage all the way
It can take advantage of those price movements which go undetected in conventional charts. Useful in taking positions when a stock breaks through a significant support or resistance level. Can help identify trend reversals and taking advantage of the change in direction.
Leverage the market
Standard indicators when applied to these charts produce extraordinary signals because most of the noise has already been absorbed. It is a powerful tool for technical analysis, providing a clear and objective view of market trends.
Multi asset advantage
Works with different financial instruments like stocks, futures, commodities and currencies.
The big leap
It is a quantum leap which can become the building block for more efficient trading systems. We encourage further exploration and experimentation with Nx Charts charts as part of a comprehensive trading strategy.